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Parent Guide

Click here to download the Parent Guide 


Check in begins at 5pm on Friday.  To make check-in a breeze:

  • All campers must be registered online.

  • Balance due must be paid 30 days prior.



Pick-up time is 3pm on Sunday.


*Campers will be permitted to leave only with their registered parent or legal guardian unless prior arrangements are made. Exceptions can be made if the parent/legal guardian provides written permission for their child to leave with an approved adult.

Space-saving packing recommended

In the camp atmosphere, where there is a lot going on, campers tend to forget, lose track of or misplace many things. Therefore, personal valuables should be left safely at home.  This includes: Jewelry, electronic devices, cameras, any good clothing We highly recommend you put your camper’s name on all belongings prior to arrival to camp.​

Big no-no’s to keep camp safe

Do not bring alcohol, drugs, Juuls, tobacco, vaporizers, e-cigarettes, any other illegal or inappropriate substances or hazardous or combustible materials.  Do not bring firearms, knives, weapons of any kind, mace, lighters, matches, candles, fireworks, incense, animals, etc.  Do not share personal possessions. Please refrain from sharing food and drink, toiletries, clothing, and any other personal items to protect everyone from COVID-19 and other communicable illnesses.

Cell phone policy:

Cell phones are optional and Wi-Fi is available throughout RKC. However, TCE is not responsible for lost phones. Campers are not allowed to have their cell phone during mandatory instruction times and after lights out.

*The Cheer Experience is not responsible for lost or stolen items* 



ALL medications are dropped off during check-in to the front desk and stored in the office to protect all campers. (No medications may be kept with camper) *Prescription medication must be in original container*

Things to know

Every camper’s parent/legal guardian completes and signs the Participant Release during registration.  This acknowledges the “consent to treat”.  Participation is not allowed without a document signed.  These required docs help us to help your camper:

  • Health form: completing and updating this in its entirety assists the camp in handling your camper with proper care.

  • Medical insurance cards


If your camper has been prescribed an EpiPen for anaphylactic shock, the following steps will occur:

  1. EpiPen to be checked in at arrival with nurses

  2. The staff will be made aware of all campers with checked-in EpiPen


If a camper sustains an injury or illness during their stay at camp, we will notify parents for the following reasons:

  • Any camper that has been or will be held from participation for 4 hours

  • Any camper missing any instruction/mandatory time

  • Any and all head injuries

  • Any camper needing medical treatment.

Camper Illness Policy

The Cheer Experience believes that individuals thrive at camp when they’re healthy and happy. Illness is a time for resting safely and comfortably at home. Staying home when you’re sick protects you from more significant health issues. It also protects others from a potentially communicable disease by eliminating the exposure.

If your child feels ill or has been exposed to a communicable disease, notify us to reschedule your camp stay. It’s in your best interest to stay home when you’re sick. It provides you with the best opportunity to rest and recover without risking more serious complications away from your home and local physician. It also protects the camp community from the spread of illness.

  • If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, please refrain from bringing them to camp.

  • Fever: Individuals should remain at home with a fever above 100.4°. 

  • Coughing/Wheezing: Individuals coughing, wheezing, or exhibiting other respiratory symptoms should stay home. Individuals experiencing respiratory symptoms combined with fever or other cold symptoms will be asked to return home and reschedule their stay.

  • Colds: Colds can seem harmless but are communicable and can pose a threat to individual safety and the camp community. If your child displays cold symptoms and/or is generally not feeling well, please stay home.  

  • Vomiting: If your child has vomited within 24 hours of camp arrival, do not come to camp. 

  • Diarrhea: If your child is experiencing diarrhea,, the individual should stay home until the illness passes. 

  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye): If an individual has pink or red conjunctiva with white or yellow eye discharge, they will not be admitted into camp. 

  • Head lice: All individuals coming to camp should conduct a home check for head lice before they travel. If any signs of lice are seen, stay home and treat them immediately. 

  • Other communicable illnesses: All individuals should be illness-free when coming to camp. If a camper's health is in question, stay home and contact us to reschedule your stay.

  • This Illness Policy protects individuals and the camp community by reducing the spread of disease. It enables all of us to enjoy camp by keeping health and safety as our top priority. We trust our camp families to follow this policy and contact us anytime there’s a question. When in doubt, stay home and stay safe.

  • More medical questions? Please reach out to



A landline is available to make phone calls home. Please keep conversations upbeat and positive by focusing on instruction sessions and recreational activities. In the event of an emergency, The Cheer Experience may be reached on the following phone number: 856-401-8111.


  • Make sure to think about spending money prior to camp. Campers typically spend approximately $100 and sometimes more on snacks and souvenirs like The Cheer Experience t-shirts, hoodies and a lot more.

  • Square Account: Families  also have the option of storing a credit/debit card on Square so their camper can purchase items in the Pro Shop or Cafe.  The Pro Shop and Cafe also accept cash.

  • If your camper is hungry outside of meal times, he/she can purchase snacks at the Cafe. 





  • All monies paid are NON-REFUNDABLE. Summer Camp Protection is highly recommended.

  • Please provide written notice of cancellation to 

Camp Protection

  • Our Camp Protection Plan details are available on our website. It is available for purchase during registration in your (registration) dashboard. Our Camp Protection Plan must be purchased at the time of initial registration. The fee to purchase plan protection is NON-REFUNDABLE if a claim is submitted.

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